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Recommended Products


Dental Floss:

TePe Proxy brushes, these are great for cleaning in-between teeth that have larger gaps. This multi pack is great to find a size that would work best for you or you can order a pack with only the specific size you need. We have samples in office to try out as well.


these are a few examples of toothpastes that we recommend, please discuss with Dr. Kloenne or your hygienist to see if this toothpaste might be a good option for you.

Sensodyne Pronamel, for those that have sensitive teeth.
Livfresh, for those that have periodontal disease or have very high risk of periodontal disease.


Denture tablets: these are great for cleaning dentures, night guards, retainers and more. Both brands are great!

XyliMelts, these are used to help with dry mouth without harming your teeth.
OraCoat XlyiMelts
Salivea, we recommend Salivea for patients with dry mouth to help with symptoms.
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